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Open Floor Layout
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Engineered Roof & Floor Systems

Our trusses are manufactured in climate-controlled factories and are delivered to the job site perfectly cut and ready to go. Our engineered floor trusses allow for an open-floor concept and can be designed to hold concentrated loads like a large kitchen island.

That also means your floor will not bounce like a trampoline and will remain structurally sound even in remodels or layout changes.

Background house drawing
Cabin truss system
Floor truss piping
Mechanical fitted through Floor Truss

The truss system allows contractors (plumbing, electrical, and other mechanical systems) to work faster because of the wide-open spaces created from the diagonal supports.  This saves you money and takes less time for contractors to install these items.

Our engineered systems also make it much easier to apply sheetrock to create a nice finished ceiling. These wonderful trusses are easy to install and don't have to be cut on the job site.

woodland truss alberta

Do not be shy and give us a call. We are a family-owned company and pride ourselves on building a customer-centric environment. Give us a call and find out if we can design or help you design the cabin that fits your needs.

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